Super Hero Deals
Client Challenge
Great prices make everyone feel like a superhero
Getting a great car at a great price makes people feel like superheroes. Authors ran with the idea of being a deal superhero to the next level by incorporating comic book animation style.
Creative Solution
Modular and seasonal creative
With 12 different DMAs, California has some of the most diverse Toyota dealerships in the country, each with a specific sales event, deal and car focus. Authors needed to create a modular creative framework that incorporated both California iconography and was modular enough to incorporate different offers on multiple vehicles and be seasonally specific for every deal event throughout the year: Presidents Day, July 4th and Black Friday.
Production Approach
Bring 3D to 2D
The comic book style illustration allowed for realistic 3D camera turns inspired by the superhero movies we all love. Integrating California landmarks like wind farms, trollies, beaches and Lombard Street allowed for regional queues specific to different parts of California.
Customizable TV assets for multiple dealers
For three straight years, Authors created 3 framework videos to be versioned into 54 different assets (18 per region) to support each holiday sales event.
Creative Directors
Ryan Berkey
Reece Parker
Chris Zachary
Jake Page
Ester Lalanne
Reece Parker
Khoa Ho
Jon-Paul Passalacqua
Jake Page
Raquelle Bostow
Taylor Killough
Adam Henderson
Nathan Campbell
Chris Zachary
Jon-Paul Passalacqua
Arley Cornell
Dennis Wardzala
Reece Parker
Ira Hardy
Khoa Ho
Devon Moodley
Ester Lalanne
Alexander Bernas
Kirksey Wells
Joash Berkeley
Lilian Darmono